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About the film

Ravenscar is a dark psychological thriller set in 1930 on the dramatic Yorkshire coast in England and has been inspired by true events.


Cast and Crew

Meet the cast & crew involved with the film. Read their bios and why they want to be part of Ravenscar.

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Go behind the scenes and watch production videos and interviews with the cast & crew.


The History

Read how Ravenscar gained its infamous title as 'The Town That Never Was' and how it's inspired our story. Also, watch a short video produced by the BBC.


Latest news

New Year Update

By Producer/Director, Andrew Davies The last couple of months have seen us delve into the rapidly changing landscape that is film distribution. Forever, the typical route to distribute a finished independent film has been to hand over your completed movie to a distributor (probably through an agent) for a sum of money, letting them take […]


On the big screen

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